Ask Me Anything: Building Effective Analytics Teams

The event series is sponsored by datazuum a data strategy and analytics company. datazuum’s mission is to help organisations create customised data strategies to accelerate growth and innovation.

We are also extremely excited to be partnering with Packt as Media sponsor for this event series. Packt's mission is to help the world put software to work through the delivery of effective learning and information services.

On October 1 2021 the Four Horseman of Data met and answered questions from a curious audience on the topic of Building Effective Analytics Teams. Who are these mysterious and jolly men?:

John Thompson is a global operational executive who excels at building and managing innovative, growth-oriented data and technology organizations across multiple industries. Best Selling Author of not one but two books: Building Analytics Teams: Harnessing Analytics & AI for business improvement and Analytics: How to Win with Intelligence. Keynote Speaker, Innovator in AI, Data & Advanced Analytics. He is currently the Global Head, Advanced Analytics & Artificial Intelligence (AI) at CSL Behring.

Bill Schmarzo otherwise known as the Schmarzo and affectionately called Dean of Big Data is an influencer and innovator, Professor and Educator, as well as the author of four books: Big Data: Understanding How Data Powers Big Business,” “Big Data MBA: Driving Business Strategies with Data Science” and the forthcoming “Economics of Data, Analytics and Digital Transformation;” and the art of thinking like a data scientist! An executive fellow University of San Francisco, Honorary professor NUI-Galway and Adjunct professor at Menlo College. He is now Customer Advocate, Data Management Incubation at Dell Technologies.

Andrea De Mauro has more than 15 years of international experience in leading data analytics initiatives across multiple business domains, including sales, marketing, finance, and product supply. He has been Director of Business Analytics at Procter & Gamble, looking after the continuous elevation of the role of data and algorithms in the business and the development of digital fluency across the global organization. He is also a professor of marketing analytics and applied machine learning at the Universities of Bari and Florence, Italy, and the International University in Geneva, Switzerland. He is the author of Data Analytics Made Easy.

Samir is a data strategy and analytics leader, CEO and Founder of datazuum. He has a history of helping data executives and leaders craft and execute their data strategies. His passion for data strategy led him to launch the Data Accelerator Workshop, and host the Data Strategy Show.

After a career in both private and public sectors Samir launched the datazuum brand in 2012, with a view to working with executives to deliver data strategy at a time when data was not seen as a business asset.

Today datazuum delivers projects across both private and public sectors including: Charities, Financial Services (Banking & Insurance), Government, Housing & Construction, Law Enforcement, Logistics, Media & Publishing, Outsourcing, Postal, Retail, Telecoms, Transport and Utilities.

Samir has 20 years of international experience across Europe, North America, and Africa. Is a regular speaker at international conferences, coach / mentor, a charity fundraiser, and youth champion for Working Knowledge - supporting young people to achieve their personal and career goals in life.
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