AS 9701 Organic Chemistry Part 4 | Structural and Stereo Isomers

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13.4 Isomerism: structural and stereoisomerism
Learning outcomes
Candidates should be able to:
1 describe structural isomerism and its division into chain, positional and functional group isomerism
2 describe stereoisomerism and its division into geometrical (cis/trans) and optical isomerism (use of E, Z
nomenclature is acceptable but is not required)
3 describe geometrical (cis/trans) isomerism in alkenes, and explain its origin in terms of restricted rotation
due to the presence of π bonds
4 explain what is meant by a chiral centre and that such a centre gives rise to two optical isomers
(Candidates should appreciate that compounds can contain more than one chiral centre, but knowledge of
meso compounds, or nomenclature such as diastereoisomers is not required)
5 identify chiral centres and geometrical (cis/trans) isomerism in a molecule of given structural formula
including cyclic compounds
6 deduce the possible isomers for an organic molecule of known molecular formula

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