Arms dealers who sold weapons of war to European gangsters arrested

Spanish police have arrested a man they believe sells weapons of war to gangsters across Europe.

They seized • 32 short weapons, 4 weapons of war, chargers and more than 1,100 metal cartridges of different calibers have been intervened

• He is charged with the crimes of arms trafficking, illegal possession and storage of ammunition.

November 2, 2021. in Burgos he has been charged with the crimes of arms trafficking, for the sale of without declaring, illegal possession of weapons without permission, and ammunition storage, by tripling the number of metal cartridges that the regulations allow.

The investigation dates back to last summer, when the Burgos Civil Guard Command obtained - as a result of the exchange of information between Corps Units as well as the exhaustive control exercised by the Institute over the manufacture, commercialization, legalization and possession of weapons and its pieces-, relevant details of the result of two police operations directed against organized crime.

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