Ariel Helwani Sends Message to Artem Lobov, Conor McGregor - MMA Fighting

In the latest On the Nose, Ariel Helwani discusses UFC commentators, if he was a manager for Kayla Harrison, open scoring and PFL, Canada’s World Cup showing, Valentina Shevchenko vs. Amanda Nunes 3, multiple fighters hanging out with Ramzan Kadyrov, his message to Artem Lobov and Conor McGregor, and more.

00:00:00 Intro
00:01:20 Q1 Ex fighters becoming commentators?
00:04:49 Q2 Francis becoming a free agent?
00:13:10 Q3 Were you managing Kayla, what would the next move for her be?
00:15:12 Q4 Would the PFL be the perfect organization to implement open scoring?
00:16:29 Q5 How are you handling Canada’s World Cup bow out?
00:25:50 Q6 What’s with Chael doubting your love of soccer?
00:27:55 Q7 World Cup Questions
00:29:59 Q8 Did UFC reel Silva back in?
00:32:49 Q9 What’s next for Shevchenko and Nuñes?
00:36:59 Q10 Thoughts on Jiří vacating the belt?
00:37:51 Q11 Fighter health care
00:38:22 Q12 Should fighters be cut off after a certain number of losses?
00:39:04 Q13 How do GC, Frank and Rick make before the show?
00:48:18 Q14 What transpired after Wednesday’s show with the Ali call?
00:49:14 Q15 What was more annoying on Monday’s show, having lint on your head or spilling water?
00:51:36 Q16 Any word on Nate Diaz’s free agency?
00:52:49 Q17 Fighters’ poor behavior
01:03:43 Q18 ONE vs UFC’s leadership style
01:05:00 Q19 Survivor Series thoughts
01:09:44 Q20 Do you change your interview approach according to fighter?
01:12:26 Q21 Is chasing greatness inherently selfish?
01:16:50 Comment re. Artem Lobov & Conor McGregor

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