Are you reviewing & re-evaluating hazard controls?

Are you reviewing & re-evaluating hazard controls?

So, you've identified the hazards, assessed them for risk and then implemented sufficient controls! Great! Now it's time to relax, you and everyone else is safe! Or are you? Preparedness is more than identifying hazards, calculating risk and implementing hazard controls, these controls need to be checked for effectiveness! Effective health and safety management systems include processes for the continuous evaluation of hazard controls.

Your job is not done if you think establishing controls once is all you need to do! In this hazard assessment training video I am going to outline a few different ways that you can be reviewing and re-evaluating your hazard controls for effectiveness.

00:00 - Intro and purpose
01:30 – The importance of re-assessing hazard controls
02:27 – Determining the frequency of re-assessment
04:32 - The processes in your safety program
05:04 - Using inspections to check hazard controls
07:17 – Considering the job hazard assessment
08:00 - Incident investigation results
09:00 - Everything occurs because of control failures!
09:11 - Well it's the end stuff!


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