Are you helping your reps improve their selling efficiency, as well as their effectiveness?

Long-term success in selling has been proven to be based on continually growing your annual sales volumes. There are two ways we can accomplish you making your numbers for the year…improve your selling effectiveness as well as improve your selling efficiency.

IMPROVING SELLING EFFECTIVENESS is directly tied to a sales rep’s skills and awareness of how to prove your value and uniqueness to a buyer so you win the business. Effectiveness sales training focuses on understanding how to take control of a sales call and deliver a message of value and uniqueness that solves buyer’s challenges.

IMPROVING SELLING EFFICIENCY is based on helping reps to be better organized and showing them how to accomplish the selling process in fewer steps or in less time. Efficiency training focuses on helping your team develop better work habits and time-management skills. It also involves them thinking and planning more moves ahead in their selling efforts so they don’t waste time on unnecessary sales calls or tasks.

Most reps will be challenged making their assigned annual quotas if they’re only successful because of their effectiveness. These reps are making sales…just not fast enough to achieve their assigned quota by the end of the year. As a sales leader, we need to be working with our team on both their effectiveness and their efficiency. How much time are you spending with your team working on the skills necessary to become more effective…and to become even more efficient?

Join me as I share ways you, as their coach, can lead your sales reps to more efficient ways to sell…so they can sell even more by the end of the year!
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