Are Emerging Markets Undervalued? w/ James Fletcher (MI130)

Clay Finck chats with James Fletcher about ESG investing, emerging markets, why emerging markets might outperform the US markets over the coming years, James’ investment process, the role of cash in a portfolio, what the Young Investors Society is doing to provide financial literacy education, and much, much more!

James Fletcher is the Founder of Ethos Investment Management. Previously he was Director and Senior Portfolio Manager of the EM small and mid-cap equity strategy at APG Asset Management where he managed a $1bn AUM fund investing with a long-term, active portfolio approach to invest in high-quality businesses with strong ESG integration. He previously worked as Senior Portfolio Manager of EM Equities at Kayne Anderson Rudnick, where his EM fund was Morningstar 5-Star rated. Previously James was Senior Analyst at Westwood Global Investments. James is a CFA charterholder. He is also the founder of the global non-profit, Young Investors Society. James has an undergraduate degree in Finance from Brigham Young University and is fluent in Portuguese and proficient in Spanish and has lived in Brazil and Hong Kong.

00:00 - Intro
08:22 - What is ESG investing? Why is it important?
16:22 - How ESG investing affect long-term returns
19:34 - What are Emerging Markets? Are Emerging Markets Undervalued?
26:02 - What Emerging Markets James’ fund invests in
31:57 - Problems that companies in China are currently facing
38:03 - Key areas of focus in James’ investment process
41:17 - How James thinks about the role of cash in a portfolio
44:54 - Young Investors Society and how it teaches financial literacy to youth

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