Architecting the New Digital Enterprise — Digital Transformation & Identity Governance Webinar

Learn to develop the architectural foundations and programs that support the new and improved digital experience.

Gary Rowe
CEO & Principal Consulting Analyst, TechVision Research

Jackson Shaw
Chief Strategy Officer, Clear Skye

This webinar will describe key architectural foundations, business assumptions and technology directions supporting the building of a successful and sustainable Digital Enterprise. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve seen issues that need to be addressed in areas such as reducing authentication friction, managing and governing diverse identity repositories, and agility/flexibility in supporting seamless context switching. As we scale our digital programs, areas to consider include handling unprecedented scale, speed and user experience needs, resiliency and the ultimate — the move from products to platforms.

This webinar will start with Gary Rowe describing TechVision’s perspective on developing this new Secure Digital Enterprise and will be joined by Industry veteran Jackson Shaw to describe how this is affecting Clear Skye customers. Jackson will discuss the new focus on eliminating islands of automation, fragmented systems, processes, and (identity) silos as key tasks to unlocking productivity. He will also discuss what drew him to Clear Skye and why he believes the next big revolution is the “best of suite” SaaS business platforms.

Attendees will gain both a big picture architectural perspective on developing their modern Digital Enterprise and pragmatic advice on how to execute on this plan.
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