Architect More Secure Cloud Apps

Protect against ransomware and other threats as you build new cloud-based services and migrate or modernize existing apps and services. Get guidance for where to start, with a free new assessment with security recommendations and a prioritized list tailored for your organization, apps, and services.

Azure expert, Matt McSpirit, joins Jeremy Chapman to share how to architect your apps and services for Zero Trust security.

00:00 - Introduction
02:32 - Where to start with security architecture
04:36 - Apply prioritized list to a new app
05:38 - Policies and configurations
07:03 - Improving security strategy
09:59 - Implementing strong authentication
12:21 - Wrap up

► Link References:
Take the free assessment at https://aka.ms/microsoftassessments

Check out our show on Zero Trust at https://aka.ms/zerotrustmechanics

How to automate and deploy landing zones at https://aka.ms/LandingZoneMechanics

Manage identity infrastructure in the Microsoft Entra admin center at https://entra.microsoft.com

More on Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework security at https://aka.ms/CAFsecure

How to implement Azure landing zones at https://aka.ms/ALZ

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