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CHATRON's Mission, Vision and Values
​​Chatron, due to its capacity for innovation and specificity, has as its mission to respond to the needs of the market in which it operates and to guarantee its position as a leader in the production of equipment, products and systems for the use of energy and sunlight, which are efficient, economical and with added value for the end customer. It intends to be part of the paradigm shift contributing in the best way to reduce the technological advance of solar energy and contribute to the reduction of fossil fuel consumption (non-renewable). It is committed to its customers in meeting high standards of quality and responsiveness to their needs and expectations.

​Chatron intends to place itself at the forefront of companies developing products, solutions and equipment for its areas of activity, investing in the diversification of its scope of action, through the reinforcement of its strategic capacity, embodied in structural and organizational modernization, for the qualification and certification of the Quality Management System so that, showing continuous improvement, it can respond to the demands of the market and those who interact in it.

​Sustainability – economic development must be achieved taking into account the protection of the environment;
Innovation – the best way to differentiate ourselves from the competition and to promote progress;
Customer oriented – it is our customers who continue to “pull” us forward, thus deserving our best attention;
Excellence – we aim to achieve excellence in all products and develop the most efficient solutions on the market;
Integrity – Chatron values ​​honesty and transparency in its activity with everyone involved (customers, suppliers, employees, etc.).
Brief History of Chatron Lda.
Chatron has existed for over 25 years and has won several innovation awards in Portugal and throughout Europe.
Our innovative products are a reference in their application areas.

Solar Light Tube - Sun Tunnel - Sun Pipe
Natural lighting of spaces through the capture, transmission and diffusion of natural light within domestic and industrial spaces. The Solar Light Tube - Sun Tunnel - Sun Pipe - Chatron is one of the most advanced tubular natural lighting systems in the world, thanks to the permanent development in collaboration with Portuguese and European Universities and Technological Centers.

In addition, the Solar Light Tube - Sun Tunnel - Sun Pipe - is a natural lighting system that maximizes the concept of renewable energy, channeling the natural light from the roofs into the houses and factories. The Solar Pipes - Solar Light Tube - Sun Tunnel - Sun Pipe - create more natural, healthier and more productive environments. Our Solar Light Tube - Sun Tunnel - Sun Pipe - are suitable for almost any application, from bathrooms, corridors, living rooms and rooms of houses, to factories and warehouses. We have references throughout Europe, but also in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and North, Central and South America.
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