Applying change management in a client organization | Nousheen Manzoor

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Nousheen was working with a team at the client’s site. Based on what the client wanted to achieve, they suggested that the client change their processes, and instead of working with a collection of Excel spreadsheets, the team suggestd the client use JIRA, and a process defined in JIRA instead. As soon as they presented their ideas, Nousheen sensed massive resistance from the client. This was a clear sign that a new approach to the change was required. Listen in to learn about the approaches that Nousheen and the team put in place to help the client, and get the client onboard.

In this episode, we refer to the book Lean Change Management by Jason Little.

About Nousheen Manzoor

Nousheen believes that the future of leadership is kindness and empathy, and the same goes for any role which involves individuals and teams, like the Scrum Master role!

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