Application Portfolio Management & CSDM discussion Introducing the Enterprise Architecture Workspace

In this video, Doron Orbach the Application Portfolio Management PM and Mark Bodman, CSDM and CMDB PM explore ServiceNow's evolution of APM and the new Enterprise Architecture Workspace. Doron provides a demo the new Workspace features, we discuss new features such as the Digital Interface and Integration, and discuss the CSDM context.

1:00 - Introduction to the new Enterprise Architecture Workspace
7:15 - The new "Home" to manage CSDM 's Design domain portfolio of elements
11:20 - New way to Manage the Business Capability hierarchy
15:30 - Introducing Digital Interface and Integrations
19:29 - Reviewing where APM and the EA workspace uses CSDM entities and structures
25:15 - The product context: SAM and HAM, vendor lifecycles, Technology Reference and better together approach on the platform
28:00 - Demo of the new Technology Reference Model usecase
35:25 - Discussion on what's next; current lucid chart integration, and plans for our next session

Documentation on the Enterprise Workspace is available here: https://docs.servicenow.com/bundle/utah-application-portfolio-management/page/product/application-portfolio-management/concept/explore-eaw.html
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