Apache Kafka vs. iPaaS ETL Middleware

Enterprise integration is more challenging than ever before. The IT evolution requires the integration of more and more technologies. Applications are deployed across the edge, hybrid, and multi-cloud architectures. Traditional middleware such as MQ, ETL, ESB does not scale well enough or only processes data in batch instead of real-time. This video explores why Apache Kafka is the new black for integration projects, how Kafka fits into the discussion around cloud-native iPaaS solutions, and why event streaming is a new software category. A concrete real-world example shows the difference between event streaming and traditional integration platforms respectively iPaaS.

Table of Contents:

00:00 - Motivation
00:43 - Apache Kafka vs. Traditional Middleware
03:33 - Gartner Magic Quadrant for iPaaS 2021(Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service)
06:13 - Apache Kafka as Middleware
11:30 - Data Streaming
16:58 - Kafka vs. Traditional Middleware
28:55 - Why Apache Kafka instead of traditional middleware?
39:46 - Kafka together with other Middleware
45:03 - Kafka and API Management in the Enterprise Architecture
47:11 - Frenemies?

More details about this discussion in the following blog post:

"Is Apache Kafka an iPaaS or is Event Streaming its own Software Category?"
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