Antonio Nieto Rodriguez HBR Project Management Handbook Meet and Greet

HBR Project Management Handbook and the Project Economy

In this interactive session, participants were invited to submit their questions to Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez, author of the new Harvard Business Review Project Management Handbook and the man behind the 'Project Economy' concept.

Antonio starts by introducing the 'Project Economy' concept and the rationale behind the new HBR publication, followed by a Q&A with the audience.

Head of PMO at GlaxoSmithKline and former Chairman of the Project Management Institute (PMI), Antonio is a global champion in the world of project management. In addition to his fantastic work in project management, Antonio recently co-Founded the Strategy Implementation Institute and the Strategy Implementation Professional course and certification with the aim of improving leaders' ability to effectively craft and implement strategies.

00:00 Introduction
06:36 Introducing the Project Economy
09:47 Managing ambiguity and complexity
13:32 World driven by EFFICIENCY and World driven by CHANGE
19:08 Changes in how projects are organized and managed with more distributed teams and different working patterns
22:00 More employees are involved in project management nowadays
24:18 Collaboration is key
26:26 How will Project Management Offices (PMOs) evolve in future years?
28:40 How the traditional project lifecycle changing
37:59 The Project Canvas
40:05 Product Management vs Project Management
46:14 Who is responsible for driving the project?
46:32 How do we define project success?
48:36 How is risk management evolving?
54:16 How do we better integrate project teams with organizational leadership?
56:34 Closing thoughts and close

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