Anticipatory Governance Online Training Advert

The CST, in partnership with the USAID Resilient Waters Program, is excited to announce a free online training on “Anticipatory Governance: New ways of sense-making an navigating for uncertainty.”

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This course introduces the concept of “anticipatory governance”, defined as “governing in the present to adapt to or shape uncertain futures”. Anticipatory governance is an approach for exploring, envisioning, and planning for change and uncertainty. Using examples from Southern Africa, this course demonstrates diverse approaches for navigating in the face of complexity, uncertainty, and change; whether this change is slow and expected (e.g., climate change) or fast and abrupt (e.g., a tropical cyclone). This course will offer tools and practical techniques for fostering more resilient decision-making and governance capacities.

The course is comprised of four modules, which include short video lectures and discussions, case studies, key readings, discussion forums, and short assessments. The course is delivered by experts in anticipatory governance, futures literacy and foresight, resilience and complexity thinking, and social-ecological systems. The modules focus on diverse definitions and approaches to anticipatory governance, the differences between anticipatory governance and conventional policy-making and planning, diverse tools and methods for anticipation, how resilience relates to anticipatory governance, and case studies of how anticipatory governance has been applied in diverse contexts, with a focus on Southern Africa.
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