Answering Common Airbnb Management Questions

This is the second video where I answer some of your frequently asked questions. This time, I go over five common and not-so-common questions about Airbnb property management and give my answers.

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The last video I did answering your questions went very well. It covered Airbnb investing questions, if that’s your thing. Check out my channel videos if you want to watch that one also, it was only two weeks ago.

This video I go into five common Airbnb management questions.

First, I answer:

I share with you why you’re probably asking this question and what to keep in mind.

Take note here! Using this advice could be the difference between 3x’ing your income on your first property.

And that’s with the same level of effort.

Second, I answer: What's the best location? Where do I focus on or manage?

I talk about the difference between the two management styles and how that changes my answer.

I also give a huge tip on the exact kinds of areas you can focus on to really skyrocket results and get lots of word of mouth referrals.

Third question: How do I get clients with no experience? Why would they trust me?

This is a Catch-22, but everyone has felt this no matter your business or job.

There are many ways around this that I share in the BNB Mastery Program.

But I do give you a great question to ask yourself to answer should you be thinking this same thing.

Fourth question I tackle: Can I really do this passively? Is this a passive income business?

With this answer it’s important to define “passive income.” I share my definition and how you can absolutely answer “yes” to this question.

Question 5: How much can I really make?

Ah, the big question. Is this worth it? Will I be rich? Can I afford my own rockets like the other billionaires?

Find out exactly where and how to place your expectations in Airbnb property management.
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