Answering “How did you get along with your former boss?” in a #jobinterview. #shorts #careeradvice

12 of the trickiest interview questions and how to answer them:

You may strongly dislike your current boss. But if you say that to a potential employer, you might inadvertently portray yourself in a negative light.

The reason: if you’re so willing to gossip about your current boss, it doesn’t reflect positively on you and the employer may wonder if you’ll talk badly about them in the future.

“If you truly can’t think of anything nice to say about your previous boss, talk about the things you were able to accomplish while working with them. And it’s alright to be honest, gently, and say that there were some areas of your relationship that were better than others, but that you learned a lot about your own management and leadership style through them (even if it’s what not to do!),” suggests Reynolds.

Try this potential way to answer the question: “My boss and I had different working styles, but I learned how to meet their needs and even learned more about how to lead a team effectively.”

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