Another Coup d’État in Sudan: An Exploration of the Prospects of Democracy and Human Rights

In April 2019, a youthful pro-democracy movement succeeded in bringing down President Omar al-Bashir, a military officer who ruled the country for three decades and was accused of committing war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide by the International Criminal Court. While Sudan’s democratic transition was seen as a beacon of hope in an increasingly troubled region, that hope may soon be dashed. On the 25th of October, just two years after the protest movement forced the establishment of a transitional government, the military has once again taken power by force.

As the pro-democracy protest movement begins to re-galvanize, and the military unleashes coercion and violence, a specter of uncertainty looms over Sudan. Positioned in this moment of flux, this webinar explored the different possible outcomes that Sudan may face from the diverse vantage points of the panelists. The panel included Hala Al Karib, Alex de Waal, Abdelkhalig Shaib, Mohamed Osman, and Abadir M. Ibrahim as moderator.
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