Announcing Live workshop on Retail pharmacy business management batch 2

Hello everyone
ANNOUNCEMENT!! Here is second batch announcement for 'Live workshop on Retail Pharmacy Business' which provides in depth knowledge about retail pharmacy business model
You will learn all trade secrets and business ideas behind Retail Pharmacy from scratch
There are 9 Classes involved in this workshop
Class 1
a) What is Pharmacy store
b) What are advantages of Pharmacy store
c) Pros and cons
Class 2
a) How to find best location for your pharmacy
b) How to calculate potential of hospital, area customer
c) Rent and profit calculation for individual store
Class 3
a) How to generate drug license
b) Documents required for drug license
c) Shop act, Food license and GST registration
d) Eligibility to start Retail Pharmacy
Class 4
a) Role of Doctor, chemist, MR, delivery boy, Order boy, Distributor
b) Relationship management with them
c) How to analyze doctor mindset
Class 5
a) Types of medicines
b) Other requirements and their specifications
c) Patient councelling
Class 6
a) How to start own epharmacy
b) Various campaigns and activities needed to boost sale
Class 7
a) Profit margin management
b) Credit management
c) Expiry management
d) Short book management
Class 8
a) How to develop multiple retail store from one
b) How to start own retail franchise business model
Class 9
a) First order inventory list
b) How to arrange inventory in retail store
c) How to maintain schedule register
d) What are challenges and how to overcome it
Workshop fees- 1999/-
Offer price - 1500/- till 1 december

Procedure to enroll for course
PAY 1500/- online on 9423272876 through googlepay/phonepay/paytm
Then share payment screenshot on same on whatsup then you get confirmation message and seat allocation on your email ID
Click here to pay (offer Link) till 1 december 2021
Then you will get confirmation message and seat allocation on your email ID

Benefits of course
1) You will get certificate after workshop completion from our organization
2) You will get post support means after workshop completion to develop your store
3) You are getting all drug,inventory and documentation knowledge from scratch along with future opportunities and scale up your business

Time of class
This class will starts from 11 december 2021 to 8 january 2022
Who can enroll
Anyone who wish to start own retail Pharmacy store
Participants who understand Hindi can allow in this workshop from all around the world

00:00 introduction
2:05 class 1
2:54 class 2
3:44 class 3
5:06 class 4
6:49 class 5
8:23 class 6
9:26 class 7
10:06 class 8
11:25 class 9
12:38 Time for class
13:47 Benefits of class
15:08 Who can enroll
16:56 offer price announcement
17:11 How to enroll

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