Annika Steiber: Rendanheyi is the Most Radically Disruptive Organizational Innovation

Innovation in organization is at least equal in importance to technological innovation and product / service innovation. It tends to get less attention, which is a great opportunity for imaginative entrepreneurs to implement change for competitive advantage. Dr. Annika Steiber has studied organizational innovation for over twenty years and is a global authority. She shares her insights with Economics For Business, including her analysis of the most dramatic organizational innovation of all, Rendanheyi.

Professor Steiber’s most recent book is Leadership For A Digital World (https://Mises.org/E4B_170_Book1), and is her most comprehensive guide yet for business management in the digital age. She’s the author of eleven books, including The Google Model (https://Mises.org/E4B_170_Book2) and The Silicon Valley Model (https://Mises.org/E4B_170_Book3).

Her Menlo College Rendanheyi Silicon Valley webinars are available at https://Menlo.edu/Webinars.

Show notes: https://mises.org/library/annika-steiber-rendanheyi-most-radically-disruptive-organizational-innovation

"Six Organizational Principles for Adaptive Entrepreneurial Models" (PDF): https://Mises.org/E4B_170_PDF

Rendanheyi Silicon Valley Center: https://Mises.org/E4B_170_Rendanheyi

Menlo College Rendanheyi Silicon Valley Webinars: https://Menlo.edu/Webinars

Menlo College Digital Management Courses and Webinars: https://Executive.Menlo.edu
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