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Fund Raising Workshop for NGO by Prashant Pal.
Please click the link and fill the attached form if you wish to attend the NGO workshop?

Offline Training - https://www.pureindia.org/join
Online Training - https://www.pureindia.org/workshop

Prashant Pal is a Founder & CEO of PURE India Trust and he has been helping various NGOs learn Fund raising, Process, and other NGO management techniques free of cost through YouTube Channel - PURE India Trust – NGO.

Based on high demand from various viewers of our YouTube Channel, we are organizing a Fund-Raising Workshop for NGO & Social Workers across various cities in India. In this workshop Prashant Pal will be sharing various tips of generating CSR Funds and processes to make a successful NGO.

We are inviting NGO founders, activists, social workers & other social development leaders who would like to learn various tools and techniques to make it a Great NGO. We shall get in touch with you for further details and workshops schedule will be shared after receiving the payment.

Prashant Pal
Founder & CEO - PURE India Trust
Author, Motivational Speaker, Corporate Coach
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