Andy Dunn, Founder and CEO of Bonobos

In this View From the Top, Cyerra Holmes MBA '23, sits down to interview Andy Dunn MBA ’07, Founder and CEO of Bonobos.

Dunn co-founded Bonobos, a menswear brand and served as CEO until its 2017 acquisition by Walmart. As an investor, he has backed more than eighty startups, including Warby Parker, Coinbase, Away, Glossier, Real, Parade, SeatGeek, and Alula. Andy recently released a memoir, titled "Burn Rate: Launching a Startup and Losing My Mind," which explores the intersection of entrepreneurship and mental illness. His next business venture, called Pumpkin Pie, is a social media app currently in beta that aims to detoxify digital culture. #viewfromthetop
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