Anchor Management (1 of 2) Immunity Challenge | Survivor: Panama-Exile Island S12E02: Breakdown

Five tribe members from each tribe race out to their boats. Three tribe members have to bail out the water coming in from the six holes in the ship while the other two jump into the water, moving the boat forward by moving the heavy anchor forward. Once at shore, tribes must clip the boat to the hitching post and work on transporting the anchor up the beach to the finish mat, all while carrying a zombie head. The first tribe to get the zombie head on the body wins immunity.

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Breakdown is the second episode of Survivor: Panama
Challenge: Anchor Management
Winner: La Mina

Day 6
At La Mina, the tribe decides to go fishing. They wanted to use the spear, but didn't had any experience with it. Terry shows Sally how to work the spears and tells her to hold on to it. Sally and Nick go fishing. Sally admits she should have practice with the spear more. This would come true because the spear would slip off her arm on her first attempt to use it. Despite her best efforts, she was unable to retrieve it. Nick says it's okay and tries to calm down the upset Sally. Sally explains to Dan and Terry that she lost the spear, much to the men's shock. Terry states in a confessional that the tribe would eating if they had the spear. Misty tells Sally they can make one.

At the Immunity Challenge, Jeff asks how are the tribes are doing. Misty responds that La Mina is doing good and his maintaining an upbeat attitude. Shane responds that Casaya isn't doing good and is not going to sugarcoat it. Jeff explains how the challenge works. Casaya struggled early on, allowing La Mina to surge ahead and win.

In a confessional, Shane said he hates losing, start listing things he wants and believes coming to Survivor is the stupidest decision he made. Shane tells Danielle and Courtney to vote him out. He explains that he has to quit because it's what he can't do. Danielle and Courtney tried to talk him out of it. Aras comes up and is told of situation. Courtney makes a confessional about the situation, believing that Shane is letting them down. Melinda goes tell Bobby and Cirie that Shane wants to quit, to their shock. Cirie believes that if Shane wants to quit, let him quit. Aras talks to Shane and was able to talk Shane out of quitting. Aras tells everyone at the shelter. Shane apologizes for his "sanity flip-flop" Aras also tells Cirie and Melinda that they are likely to get voted out for being the physically weakest. Cirie and Melinda glare at him. In a confessional, Courtney viewed Aras's telling people that he is going to vote one of them out as idiotic. Shane basically tells everyone that he, Courtney, Aras, and Danielle are in an alliance and confirms Aras' statement. Something Courtney also viewed as stupid. Cirie and Melinda talks about how they were going to be voted out. Cirie believes she is going. In a confessional, Melinda points out that she was the last picked in the Schoolyard Pick. On the way to Tribal Council, Shane states that Melinda and Cirie are going, but he is worried about his moodswings.

At Tribal Council, everyone who didn't had a torch dips it in the fire. Bruce comes in from Exile, will not speak and will join Casaya after someone was voted out. Jeff first addresses Shane's answer to his question at the Immunity Challenge. Then he asks about camp life. Cirie responds it was good until she and Melinda were told one of them are being voted out. Melinda elaborates on this by pointing out there is nothing the others could point out they could have done better. Jeff then asked Melinda and Cirie about lasting six days. When the vote came, the first two votes were for Shane. However, the remaining votes were for Melinda. After Melinda leaves, Bruce takes off his La Mina buff and is given a Casaya buff and heads back to camp with them.

Final Words
S12 melinda bw.png

I just found myself on the tribe that's like...Hey, man! Yo! Dude! What's up? And that's just not me. It won't ever be me nor do I think I want it to be me. So, I just wish Cirie luck because I know she didn't want to go back there without me. It is just going to be hell but I am going to have a shower, I am going to drink water and I am going to eat food.

Bruce was the first contestant to be not be a part of any tribe during the tribal stage, but remain in the game. Jonathan Libby and Wanda Shirk from Survivor: Palau were not picked during the Schoolyard Pick, and were eliminated from the game.
With Bruce joining Casaya after Melinda's elimination, the tribes are perfectly distributed each with...
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