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On 24 August 2022, the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, as per the power delegated under the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986, published the notification regarding new Battery Waste Management rules, 2022 replacing the Batteries (Management and handling) Rules, 2001. The new amended rules have implemented the policy of Extended Producers’ Responsibility on the Producers’ of the Battery relating to Management of Waste Battery in an environmentally sound way.

These newly implemented rules are applicable to any Producer, dealer, other entity, or consumer who is involved in the collection and transportation segregation or any other process involved in the management of Waste Battery.

Besides this, these rules are not only limited to lead batteries but include all types of batteries regardless of their chemistry, volume, material composition, shape, weight and use, which include an automotive battery, Electric Vehicle Battery, Industrial Battery and Portable battery; these new rules have many new provisions related to definitions, added responsibilities, and authorisation processes.

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The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, to overcome the lacunas of the Batteries (Management and Handling) Rules, 2001 relating to limited scope and lack of responsibilities of producers’ introduced many provisions in Battery Waste Management Rules, 2022, including: -

• New Key Definitions
• Inclusion of Extended Producers’ Responsibility
• Provisions Expanding Responsibilities relating to Battery Waste Management of Producers’, Manufacturers, Recycler, Refurbisher, Other Entities and Governmental or Public Waste Management Authorities.
• Centralised Online Portal
• EPR Target (for Collection and recycling)

Types of Batteries included in the Rules -
Automotive battery, which is any battery that is used only for lighting, ignition power or automotive starter.
Electric Vehicle battery is any battery that is mainly designed to give power to electric or hybrid vehicles for road transport.
Industrial batteries include any and all batteries that are used in industries barring the Portable Battery, Electric Vehicle Battery and Automotive Battery.
Portable Batteries are sealed, weigh less than five kilograms and are not made for industrial purposes Electric Vehicle Battery and Automotive Battery.

EPR Plan -
Extended Producers’ Responsibility plan for the batteries manufactured should be submitted by the producers’ to the Central Pollution Control Board in the Form 1C by 30th June every year through an online portal containing the details on the weight of the battery, the quantity as well as dry weight of the material of the battery.

Penalty -
The stakeholders mentioned under this act, including Producers’, Manufacturers, Recycler, Refurbisher and Other Entities, carry out their activities without acquiring the registration or obtaining registration by providing false information or facts or submitting forged documents; in that case, they will be fined and have to submit the Environmental Compensation under section 15 of the Environment Protection Act, 1986 which is decided by the either the Central Pollution Control Board or by the State Pollution Control Board.

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