Analytics in 15: Ingest, Manage, and Analyze Data with Central Governance- AWS Analytics in 15

If your organization shares data, especially in large scale environments with multiple producer and consumer clusters, this is a session you don't want to miss! Within 15 minutes, you will learn how Amazon Redshift can help you ingest streaming data, auto-copy data from S3, and centrally manage data across multiple data shares – all without manual scripting or complex querying.

Learning Objectives:
* Objective 1: See how data sharing access control with AWS Lake Formation works in action.
* Objective 2: Learn how to centrally manage granular access to data across all consuming data services.
* Objective 3: Understand how Amazon Redshift, Amazon S3, AWS Lake Formation and AWS streaming services work together to help you ingest, manage and analyze data.

***To learn more about the services featured in this talk, please visit: https://aws.amazon.com/redshift/
****To download a copy of the slide deck from this webinar visit: https://pages.awscloud.com/Analytics-in-15-Ingest-Manage-and-Analyze-Data-with-Central-Governance_2023_SN-0403-ABD_OD
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