Analysis of Deadly Crash Involving Travis Barker - Episode 88

The Flight Safety Detectives offer a fresh analysis of the 2008 crash of a Lear Model 60 in Columbia, South Carolina. Travis Barker was one of two passengers who survived the crash that killed the flight crew and two passengers.

Crew performance issues started long before the aircraft started takeoff. Greg Feith, John Goglia and Todd Curtis share a minute-by-minute analysis. They uncover issues with operations, briefing inadequacies and crew actions.

They dissect known issues with the tires used on the aircraft. John shares his maintenance expertise to provide insight into pressure leak down issues and the unique stresses experienced by airplane tires. He shares signs of inadequate work done by the charter company maintenance department.

The National Transportation Safety Board report attributed the accident to tire bursts during take-off and the pilot's resulting decision to abort at high speed. This analysis also gives weight to the impact of loose operating procedures and pilot distraction or fatigue.
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