An Inside Look at FP&A - Trends, Best Practices and the Skills to Succeed

In this Finance Fireside Chat, John Baule, FutureView Systems CEO and a seasoned CFO, is joined by Brian McGrath, FutureView Systems COO to discuss financial planning and analysis (FP&A) trends, required skills, where it's been and where it's heading. Learn why FP&A is increasingly reliant on technical data warehouse management skills and requires automation tools to streamline analysis and reporting processes.

FutureView Systems provides FP&A software solutions and services created by Finance professionals, for Finance professionals with an implementation process that will have you up and running in weeks, not months. Transform your finance function and accelerate the capabilities of your operation quickly, and make a greater impact on strategic conversations that facilitate company growth.

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1:34 - Finances need to understand data management and automations
3:55 - Data lake vs. data warehouse vs. data set
5:30 - Data transformation and structuring
7:19 - Why manual processes are error prone
9:08 - Pros and Cons of Excel as a budgeting and forecasting tool

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