Amy Edmondson | The Fearless Organization: Navigating a Hybrid Future

Organizations are still navigating the hybrid work environment and how psychological safety is playing a key role. In this presentation, Amy Edmondson discusses the social psychology of hybrid work and the essence of effective collaboration in this still-emerging model of work. Amy reveals the three stances for thriving in a hybrid team and building trusting relationships, how innovation is crucial for a psychologically safe environment, and she explains that there are three types of failure, one of which isn’t bad and can in fact lead to more successful hybrid work.

Amy Edmondson is an authority on psychological safety and team learning in virtual, in-person, and hybrid workplaces. Her expertise offers organizations new frameworks for creating successful and psychologically safe work environments that lead to effective collaboration and team trust. She is available to advise your organization via virtual and in-person consulting meetings, interactive workshops and customized keynotes through the exclusive representation of Stern Speakers & Advisors, a division of Stern Strategy Group®.

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