Ammonia Management in Poultry Production | Dr. ARSHAD

If Ammonia Levels Continue to Build Up inside Backyard Chicken Coop, Add Water in Quicklime and Sprinkle Over Chicken Bedding to Reduce Ammonia Level's Intensity. One Kg is Enough For 200 Square feet Area. Either Coop is 15×13, 12× 17 or 14× 14 by Length and Width. Before Sharing Other Tips to Reduce Ammonia Level in Poultry Production, Let Me Know You That After Feed Consumption and Utilisation of Nutrition, Waste Material is Excreted as Chicken Droppings. Bacteria Start to Break Nitrogen out of These Droppings as a Normal Process.
But, This Normal Process Becomes Hazardous when Poop is Watery, Runny and The Weather is Cold, Rainy and Prevailing Fog. These Conditions Cause Further Moisture Increase, So Excess of Ammonia Levels. That Ammonia will Not Only Damage Eyes, Membranes ( Whole Respiratory System ). But, will also Damage Cilia. Damage of Epithelial Cell Cilia Means Accumulation of Excess Mucus. Now Bacteria Will Multiply in This Area. As Soon As These Pathogens Reach Lungs and Air Sacs. There Will Be Severe Infection. That's How This Ammonia Gas Impairs Both Health and Productivity of Chickens.
Improve Coop Ventilation, Maintain Proper Temperature, Treat Chicken Diarrhea, and Use Quality ( Balanced ) Chicken Feed.
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