Amedisys clinicians provide better home care with mobile devices & Microsoft Endpoint Manager

For Amedisys, a home healthcare provider based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, helping clinicians provide exceptional care is the cornerstone of the business. Amedisys migrated to Microsoft Endpoint Manager to manage 25,000 devices and support clinicians in the field.

Today, clinicians enjoy a seamless sign-on experience rather than signing into multiple apps with multiple passwords. The IT team saves time now that it configures devices remotely using Windows Autopilot and Intune. Clinicians are better able to focus on patients, thanks to a more user-friendly sign-on experience supported by Azure Active Directory. The organization has saved $250,000 annually by eliminating its previous solution.

View the case study: https://customers.microsoft.com/en-us/story/1429868843053987347-amedisys-health-provider-microsoft-endpoint-manager

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