AMD Accelerated Data Center Premiere Keynote

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Join CEO Dr. Lisa Su, Senior VP and GM of Server Business Unit, Dan McNamara, and Senior VP and GM of Datacenter and Embedded Solutions Business Group, Forrest Norrod, for the unveiling of the latest innovations for the data center from AMD .

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00:00 - Introduction
03:09 – Hyperscalers & EPYC
05:35 – 3D Chiplet Packaging Innovation
07:40 – Announcing Milan-X
10:10 – Milan-X Demo: EDA Functional Simulation
15:12 – Milan-X on Microsoft Azure
18:02 – Accelerated Computing & CDNA 2
18:55 – Introducing AMD Instinct MI200 Series Accelerators
24:39 – MI200 Demo: Combustion Simulation
27:57 – Frontier & Exascale Computing
31:55 – Data Center Roadmap Update


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