Amazon's MMO Mess - What Happened To New World?

The last time we talked about Amazon Games Studios, the company was struggling. Experienced developers leaving the team, management out of touch with their workers and customers, and games not quite hitting the mark.

While each game they released had some positives, none of them were able to break out commercially, but one game on their to-do list had some potential and presented some hope for the company moving forward. Enter New World, a fantasy MMORPG set in the mid-17th century which is very loosely based on the European conquest of the Americas.

Despite some early hiccups in the game’s development due to some… unsavory themes and imagery, the overall quality of the game looked promising. On Amazon Games’ side of things, they wanted to do the right thing and in order to integrate the feedback given during the beta testing, New World’s release was pushed back. Unfortunately, while the game looked decent, it’s been dealing with its fair share of issues.

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