Amazon Keywords And Atticus For Writing And Book Formatting With Dave Chesson

Dave Chesson provides many useful tools and information for authors at Kindlepreneur and he has recently launched Atticus, writing and formatting software that will output both ebook and print formats, as well as providing collaboration and ARC management tools.

Dave Chesson is the founder of Kindlepreneur and producer of Publisher Rocket and Atticus, amongst many other useful resources for authors. He's also an author and a military veteran who used to be a nuclear engineer.

How self-publishing has changed in the last decade and why the ‘stigma' no longer exists
Tips for reviving a back-list
Is A+ content woth implementing?
Types of keywords for non-fiction books, and also for fiction. You can do more of your own research at PublisherRocket.
Strategies for keywords across different book formats
Key benefits and features of Atticus including design and output of various ebook and print formats, as well as collaboration and ARC management

You can find Dave Chesson at and on Twitter @DaveChesson
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