AltorCloud | Cloud Management Platform Overview (AWS, Azure, and GCP)

AltorCloud is a point-in-time cloud management platform that helps companies prioritize risks in their cloud environments. It supports AWS, Azure, and GCP environments and identifies security findings from each individual cloud service provider’s internal security center, as well as our own based on security standards, such as CIS or PCI.

With AltorCloud, you can easily connect your cloud environments, run assessment scans on command or on a schedule, and view the results of those scans with detailed findings and remediation information, as well as an in-depth view of your inventory resources for better management.

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VerSprite is a leader in risk-based cybersecurity services and PASTA threat modeling, enabling businesses to improve the protection of critical assets, ensuring compliance, and managing risk. Our mission is to help you understand and improve your organization’s cybersecurity posture. With cyberattacks increasing in number and sophistication daily, it is important to protect your organization’s assets, protect your clients, and to maintain the same, great reputation and trust you have worked hard to build. We believe that an integrated approach will result in better and more cost-effective security practices and better business outcomes overall.

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