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About ALTO Aviation

ALTO Aviation is an aerospace industry leader in premium cabin sound. Our team designs, manufacture, and distributes premium customized cabin audio systems and Cabin Management for all aircraft types in Business Aviation. Our solutions include Digital Surround Sound, Immersive 3D audio, VIP seat optimization, PA/Chime Systems, Bluetooth® audio, Cadence™ Cabin Management System, direct replacement Passenger Controls, and ALTO cabin control app. All our products are FAA TSO-C139 approved and are sold to most major OEMs and successfully installed by leading MRO companies worldwide. ALTO cabin systems engineers tune each cabin onsite for maximum optimization of each installation. Over 5,000 business jets fly with ALTO Aviation components. ALTO also manufactures precision sheet metal and machined parts for aerospace and multiple high-standard industries.

If you would like more information, please visit www.altoaviation.com or contact Cristina Scarlata at [email protected]
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