Alternative Investment Outlook with Michael Arougheti, President of Ares Management

It’s a challenging time for investing, and the Silicon Valley Bank collapse is inciting even more uncertainty. We couldn’t have picked a better time to have Michael Arougheti, Director, Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer, and President of Ares Management, on the Walker Webcast.

He and Willy discussed his take on the SVB collapse and its broader implications, the state of the credit markets, what he’s seeing in the macro environment, how Ares has handled back to office, and so much more.

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Key Points In The Webcast:
1:30 Willy introduces Michael Arougheti
2:35 Thoughts on the Fed’s latest actions
7:32 Broader implications of the SVB collapse
12:03 Why ten-year bonds became SVB’s downfall
16:47 Where deposits are headed
20:49 Conflict of interest in commercial real estate loans
24:46 Suggestions for the Fed’s next meeting
28:55 Economy and middle-market projections
33:00 Overvaluing liquidity
37:04 Having a balanced view of the market
40:47 Is 10-12% returns still ideal?
43:13 Recruiting and training for investing
46:15 In-office is still best
50:15 How Ares implements ESG
53:55 Staying optimistic about the future

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