Allen Iverson & Al Harrington Talk NBA Fashion, Top 5 Players, Weed Business | Taylor Rooks Vodcast

Taylor Rooks sat down with 76ers legend Allen Iverson and NBA veteran Al Harrington to talk about the weed business, A.I.'s influence on culture and the current state of basketball.

Watch the full interview now.

0:00 - 0:21 Intro
0:22 - 10:45 Allen Iverson and Al Harrington On The Cannabis Industry
10:46 - 16:34 Allen Iverson On Importance Of NBA Championships
16:35 - 21:27 Allen Iverson and Al Harrington On Social Media And Not Being A Hater
21:28 - 26:32 Allen Iverson On Ushering In A New Era Of NBA Basketball
26:33 - 32:49 Allen Iverson On His Iconic Style And Dress Code
32:50 - 39:57 Allen Iverson On Wanting To Help Train Younger NBA Players
39:58 - 48:36 Allen Iverson On New Generation Of NBA Stars
48:37 - 51:57 Who Is This Generation's Allen Iverson?
51:58 - Ending

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