All types of Body pain management Sujok therapy sciatica Body pain arthritis acupressure/puncture

All types of Body pain management - Sujok therapy, sciatica, Body pain arthritis acupressure/puncture.
Sujok Therapy is a healing methodology based on Acupressure and is a simple method that produces highly effective results. In Sujok therapy, the palm and foot represent all the active points in the body corresponding to all the organs or parts of the human body.
Dr.Anand Goel is a Sujok Practitioner who has experience of more than two decades and had been relieving thousands of patients in relieving their pain.
Please watch the video for the process, interview of the Doctor himself and also cupping therapy very popularly known as Hijama therapy.

Please find his contact numbers - #8106009837/9032325677

His clinics are located in Hyderabad at two areas - Karkhana in secunderabad and Attapur in Hyderabad.
He also is equipped with a pathological lab almost half priced comparatively to the other labs in Hyderabad.
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