All the Goats are Back together! Pasture Management for Parasites!

In this video Kelsey reintegrates all the goats. Laramie the Nubian doe with a broken leg and Reese have been separated for about 2 months as Laramie healed. Kelsey also talks about the importance of pasture rotation for parasite management.

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About Sweet Briar Farm
We are a small farm located in Central/Northern Michigan. We farm every inch of our 6 acres. We breed Registered Dairy Goats, Dexter Cattle, and Heritage Hogs. Clean healthy food is important to us and we like to produce the majority of our food on the farm and we grow and raise enough to sell to local customers. Producing our own food also means we forage for wild edibles such as mushrooms and tap our maple trees in the spring to make maple syrup. In 2019 we added honeybees to the farm and have had as many as 30 active hives producing honey for us.

Our goats include Nubian goats, Mini Nubians, Fainting Goats, and Nigerian Dwarf goats.

Our Heritage Hogs include: registered Berkshires, Tamworth, Kune Kune, and Hereford.

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