All at your fingertips – Intro to Change4Life: GSC’s Health Management Portal

Change4Life® is GSC’s Health Management Portal

Is your health important to you? Check out the Change4Life health management portal available via GSC everywhere online and the app. Change4Life is your healthy living resource with:

• A Health Risk Assessment (HRA) with personalized health tips and action plans based on your answers.
• Health resources including access to learning modules, articles, and lots of healthy recipes (approved by dietitians)
• Online tools like trackers and reminders (you can even sync your wearables!)

All at your fingertips! Change4Life also offers a mindfulness program. This mental health support program helps you to take care of your mental wellness as part of your overall health. Mindfulness is a proven practice to help approach stress, low mood and/or anxiety, to help get more out of your day-to-day experiences and improve your well-being. Learn the techniques and concepts behind mindfulness through six sessions that combine audio, video, text and a reflection workbook. This program is free for members!

The very best part of the portal? Earn points for everything you do on Change4Life! Doing things like completing your online HRA, signing up to receive reminder emails (for things like taking your medicine, drinking enough water, or achieving your fitness goals), learning with multimedia modules like videos or podcasts health topics, setting a S.M.A.R.T. goal all give you points, which you can use to win really cool rewards like gift cards to popular restaurants and retailers (it’s a win/win!).
Access Change4Life from GSC everywhere, within the “GSC Offerings” menu above the dashboard on the desktop, and under “More” and then “GSC Offerings” on the mobile app.
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