All about breast cancer management - Online interview

Breast cancer is a complex issue and takes in issues around pre-diagnosis such as signs and symptoms, as well as what happens once diagnosis occurs. When breast cancer diagnosis does occur, how exactly is it managed? There are many questions and lots to think about.

Leading oncoplastic breast surgeon Professor Andrew Baildam is here to provide answers to some of those questions and he speaks to Top Doctors all about management of breast cancer in expert detail in this video.

00:00 How is the stage and severity of a person’s breast cancer assessed?
02:37 What are the most common treatments for breast cancer?
04:58 How is the progress of breast cancer treatment measured? What types of appointments do patients usually attend through the course of their management?
06:58 What types of alternative therapies or lifestyle modifications can people living with breast cancer benefit from?
10:12 How is successful treatment for breast cancer defined?

If you are interested in booking a consultation with Professor Baildam, you can do so by visiting his Top Doctors profile:

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