Ajax Special Event: One more link | Original + subtitles

The presentation of new devices in the Ajax ecosystem.

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00:00:00 Ajax Special Event: Intro
00:00:38 Photo on demand: next step in the MotionCam evolution
00:06:53 Hub 2: new version with a 4G modem
00:08:57 ReX 2: support for photo verification and Ethernet connection
00:13:05 vhfBridge: instant alarm delivery without Internet
00:17:44 Socket (type G): smart socket with a UK plug
00:20:43 MultiTransmitter: an integration module supporting 2/3EOL
00:23:13 Fibra: one more link in the Ajax ecosystem
00:36:50 Hub Hybrid: synergy of wired and wireless technologies
00:42:17 Fibra devices: perfect style and easy installation
00:56:04 Ajax Special Event: Outro

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● English — https://youtu.be/AnIb2jJEcxg
● Spanish — https://youtu.be/Y9KymSMjOO0
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● German — https://youtu.be/n0GJTSoa2ts
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● Polish — https://youtu.be/bESCoAFos70
● Portuguese — https://youtu.be/03QQzmgroSE
● Romanian — https://youtu.be/szW5JUJxAK0
● Turkish — https://youtu.be/rvZUrg16Ak0
● Arabic — https://youtu.be/bFhrDJAHzkQ
● Greek — https://youtu.be/HsHhl4Zqhoc

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