AI/ML Fundamentals for Product Managers

Maximize your impact as a product manager or business leader by adding AI/ML familiarity and awareness to your skillset. In this presentation, you will learn:
- Why it's important to learn AI/ML as a PM
- How organizations add AI capabilities to their products
- What different AI capabilities can do
- How AI Works (Linear Regression & Neural Nets)

Basic artificial intelligence and machine learning concepts are made easy to understand and kept high level in this hour long tech talk intended for PMs.

Get access to the presentation links: https://pericror.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/07/AI-ML-Product-Management-Fundamentals.pdf

00:00 Intro & Agenda
01:29 AI & Innovation
03:54 AI Technology & Org Structure
08:17 AI Productization
14:38 AI Risks
17:37 AI Capabilities
22:16 Machine Learning Basics
29:25 Linear Regression Example
35:19 Neural Net Example
45:58 GenAI Examples
50:59 ChatGPT Productivity Hacks
53:09 AI ML Learning Resources
55:50 Conclusion
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