Aid or Self-Management?

- It's neither black nor white
- We are in a tug of war
- The polite does not take away the brave
- It's a fragmented reality
- Ask for help or do it ourselves?
- This is a very complex moment
- The light will expose all that is hidden
- It is not about standing idly by
- It is not about creating unilateral perspectives
- It is not about doing it all on our own
- It is about symbiosis, as in nature
- It is almost impossible to predict how things will work out
- Only together can we make this liberation possible
- Together we are much more powerful than apart
- Every human being has a different life mission
- Humankind has lost its spirit of cooperation
- It is a sovereign partnership between several parties
- We have one job and they have a different one
- Visible physical change will only occur prior to the event
- The ascension window would close in August 2025
- The current crisis is due to the mistakes of some lightworkers
- Trees raise their branches to the sky and sink their roots into the ground
- The bad guys will not win, but they will do everything possible to disrupt the process
- Here you can sign the official petition for planetary liberation:
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