AICTE ATAL FDPs/CPDPs - Webinar for new academic year 2022 - 23

AICTE ATAL FDPs/CPDPs - Webinar for new academic year 2022 - 23

The higher education system is passing through a transformational phase to cope with the global trends. Quality teachers’ community is always a potential force to enforce the changes and plays a pivotal role in the development of knowledge building, knowledge sharing and its dissemination.

We all must admit that with the progression of disruptive technological advancements and the COVID Pandemic, there is a paradigm shift in the teaching-learning process. Ensuing education is collaborative, cross-institutional, cross-cultural, bi/multidirectional enabling convergence of man and machine to explore new pedagogies. Students are well informed and will play a key role as creators of knowledge in a self-paced, self-directed and interest-based learning ecosystem with video conferencing, skype, wikis, blogs, virtual classrooms and simulators, MOOCs, animated laboratories and personalized data from the highly interconnected world being the learning techniques.

In the world of increasing change, complexity and uncertainty, skills of the past will not serve us today, or tomorrow. Technological advances have multiplied since the Industrial Revolution, while social change and demographic diversity give rise to ever more crosspollinating innovators. Each new generation experiences a world changing faster than ever before and COVID has further accelerated the pace. Along with the strong digital skills, the new skills required by Education 4.0 will be complex problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, people management, teamwork and collaboration, emotional intelligence, judgment and decision-making, negotiation, project management, cognitive flexibility etc.

So with these towering challenges, the need of the hour is rigorous, comprehensive and continuous Faculty Training and Development. It is motivated, energized and capable faculty that forms the foundation of the effective teaching-learning process. Considering these challenges and skill-sets, ATAL i.e. AICTE’s Training and Learning Academy has planned quality Continuous Professional Development Programmes (CPDP) so that

(1) Faculty have sound domain knowledge and associated skills of the subject.

(2) Its application with the prevailing practice scenario in real life with industry connect.

(3) Pedagogy-requisite teaching skills needed to scientifically plan for instructional delivery, communicate the knowledge and skills to the students in an efficient manner and assess teaching-learning effectiveness.

(4) Skills for need analysis, meaningful literature review, problem framework and creative problem-solving.

(5) Life skills so that they are motivated and fascinated to acquire knowledge and associated skills.

(6) Institutional Leadership skills for senior faculty to be ready for change management and academic leadership.

(7) Understanding their roles in community well-being, nation-building and also in their own professional development.

There are 3 different types of Faculty Development Programmes. Basic ATAL FDP, Advance ATAL FDP and Institutional Building - Leadership for Academic Excellence in HEIs. Pl find attached ATAL Scheme Document 2022-23 Link click here and FAQs Link click here for perusal and better understanding.

Dear Sir, I call upon you, urge you, and request you to be active partners in implementing redesigned ATAL FDPs, engaging faculty members to learn new domains, pedagogy and apply the knowledge. As a distinguished academic leader, you are drivers of transformation, pillars of quality education deliverance, custodian of moral values, responsible to transform lives into competent, cutting-edge humanitarian technocrats who encourage inclusivity, commemorate diversity, and celebrate excellence, the founding principles of AICTE’s ATAL FDPs. Kindly encourage your coordinators to apply for ATAL FDPs. Portal is open from 02 to 25 April 2022.

Your willingness to share your time, expertise in the area of higher education and meaningful interventions are critical to the success of the redesigned ATAL FDPs. It is our collective efforts and knowledge sharing among all partners of academia that will bring us closer to delivering holistic education and making lives better.

Once again seeking your heartfelt participation and engagement.
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