AI Quorum - AI System for Drug Design

Speaker: Prof. Le Song, Department Chair of Machine Learning, and Professor of Machine Learning
October 14th, 2022


Launched in 2022 by MBZUAI, The AI Quorum is a winter series of gatherings designed to stimulate cutting-edge AI research with leading scientists and share an understanding of the discipline as a force for good. The series is strategic and high-level by design. The AI Quorum is focused on curiosity, collaboration, authenticity, and the pursuit of excellence – it is a coming together of the brightest minds to set the research agenda and to imagine both what AI could accomplish and how it might get there.

Theme: Building Ecosystems for AI at Scale

AI at scale - made famous by OpenAI's "GPT-3" in 2020 - is powering AI use cases that were previously thought impossible, such as synthetic art, automatic software programming, and drug design.

Our workshop brings experts in AI at scale to the region, who will map out steps that organizations should take to become self-sufficient at these applications, and to explore new business use cases.

The program has two sessions:
 Research Session - Thursday Oct 13th
 Industry Session - Friday Oct 14th, available to the public via livestream

About CASL
The Composable, Automatic and Scalable Learning (CASL) organization brings together technologists who envision that the broader public — the “power of many” — can collaboratively build Artificial Intelligence as easily as stacking “Lego” blocks. We explore how AI can be built in a holistic, “all levels” approach that covers data, models, training/inference algorithms, meta-learning, parallelization, scheduling, resource management and software infrastructure.


Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI) is a graduate research university dedicated to advancing AI as a global force for humanity. Established MBZUAI to educate and develop top talent, foster an innovation ecosystem, and act as a strategic think tank for the public and private sectors, the university has a vital role to play in many of the UAE Government’s strategic objectives, with AI identified as a critical component for future growth and prosperity. The university attracts world-class thinkers and doers in computer vision, machine learning, natural language processing, and beyond.
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