Agronomy Meets Basketball

Agronomy and basketball coaches have more in common than you may think....
A coach is to help an individual or their team grow.
It's not always encouragement.....
Sometimes it's being kind of strict, pushing them, knowing what their boundaries are, what they can, what they can't do, and what they're not ready to do.
The perfect example of that would be when you introduce producers into variable rates for their first time or try a new prescription.
Just like the players on the court, a coach guides them into new realms and techniques.
Lance Lindbloom does just that with 406 Agronomy!
Tune in as Dan and Lance dive into how bringing together competition and producers in the same room, can bring home the trophy for the future of ag.
Grab your clipboards and get ready to take notes on Lance's strategies and plays in agronomy.

In this episode, you will learn:
* The journey of 406 Agronomy
* How Lance got into agronomy coaching
* The real competition between agronomists
* The difference between agronomists and agronomy coaches
* Lance’s farming background
* What is 406 agronomy?
* The biggest agronomy challenge in Montana
* How drought has affected Lances business
* Lance’s risk management in years with no rain
* How Lance balances fertility in drought
* What Lance thinks of variable rates
* Which methodology Lance uses for prescriptions
* The different management styles in agronomy
* Current technology Lance is using in his practices
* Lance’s experience with NutriScan
* Lance’s thoughts on technology coming to agronomy
* The 5th annual 406 Agronomy Summit
* The key technical takeaways of Summit
* Lance’s opinion on regenerative ag
* Lance’s personal health journey as a producer

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