AGL 233: Managing Software Teams with Ron Lichty

About Ron Ron Lichty has been managing software development and product organizations since Apple recruited him from a boutique programming consultancy in 1988. He led development of Apple's UX/UI, then brought engineering discipline to product delivery at Stanford, Check Point, Razorfish, Fujitsu, Charles Schwab, and a host of startups. A strong believer that product development is a team sport, he consults as an interim VP Engineering and advisor in transforming chaos to clarity and making software development "hum".

Ron's fifth book, Managing the Unmanageable: Rules, Tools, and Insights for Managing Software People and Teams (, has been compared to software classics, Peopleware and Mythical Man Month; after it was given four printings and translated into four languages, Addison Wesley brought out the 2nd Edition last year, updated throughout, plus a new chapter, If You Are Agile, What Do Managers Do? At O'Reilly's urging, Addison-Wesley and Pearson invited Ron and his co-author Mickey Mantle into their San Francisco studio to record the ten-hour video course Managing Software People and Teams LiveLessons ( In his continued search for effective best practices, Ron co-authors the periodic Study of Product Team Performance (

Today We Talked About Ron's background Management in Agile Invite Interruptions Managing Training Managing Software Developers and Technologist Diversity Customer Empathy Creativity Roles of Managers in Agile Goals of Agile Self-Organizing Teams Scrum Leadership for everyone on a team Reflective Listening Product Management Shoulder to Shoulder Promoting your team Motivating your team Team's mission / Vision Connect with Ron LinkedIn Website Book Twitter I’ve been using A2 Hosting for several years. They offer state of the art SSD hosting for all of their plans. Their sites are super fast and easy to setup. I rarely need support, but when I was migrating my sites to a larger plan I used their support services and they were phenomenal. I highly recommend A2 hosting for all of your hosting needs. And I also recommend everyone to have a personal website. If you’re in technology and looking for a job and don’t have your own website, I probably wouldn’t hire you. Just sayin’.

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