Agile portfolio management - New Course

Agile portfolio management - Building the Agile Enterprise
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Next Event: Online course, 7-8 December 2021.

More and more companies, even outside IT and pure Software development, are trying out Agile ways of working, through forming Agile Teams. Given the right environment, deployment of Agile Teams can be successful, increasing productivity and customer orientation within R&D organizations.

This is great, BUT, in many places the rest of the organization keeps working as before, including Product Management, Finance AND Steering of the Company. We see this pattern repeating itself, especially in hardware centric companies, not releasing the full potential of Agile ways of working.

This course is about connecting all parts of the company from Portfolio & Steering to Agile Team deliveries to customers. It will provide you with a framework centered around value streams, meaning how to generate most possible value to customers and consumers. We will guide you and give you the methods and tools you need to set-up and operate such value streams.

You will be part of a consultant team that transforms the fictive company Greener Grass, using these methods and tools hands-on.

This course is relevant when: Agile ways-of-working are being considered, and you want to take an enterprise approach from the start Current ways-of-working within Product Management doesn’t match R&D Agile ways-of-working Outputs of the current Agile set-up doesn’t meet expectations
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