Agile Change Management for Large Companies

Change Management is used as a systematic approach to managing the Transformation process to support people and the organization to adapt to the changes required. It’s essential to implement strategies for effecting change, controlling it, and helping people adapt—and ensure that things are following through the way they need to be.

Without a clear plan for change and managing the challenges around it, Transformation can be held back to a snail’s pace or fail altogether. This video highlights how we approach change management at LeadingAgile and how we support our clients moving through an Agile Transformation.

Key Takeaways:
[0:00] - Intro

[0:21] - Organizational Change Management in Agile

[12:50] - The Challenges of Change Management

[26:22] - Who is Responsible for Change Management in Agile?

[33:16] - The Agile Change Management Process

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